Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repairs

Furnaces are important. We recently told you what some common furnace malfunctions were, and we even wrote about some steps you can take to maintain a healthy HVAC system. Now we’re going to tell you the signals that your furnace will send just before your heater (potentially) stops working.

  1. Your heating bill is increasing.

A few problems could be causing this issue (such as ductwork), but if the heating bill changed drastically in a month, then your furnace may be fading fast. As the internal elements wear out, your gas and electric bills may increase. A trained HVAC technician, like Georgia Air, will have the tools and knowledge to find the problem and guide you to the next step.

  1. Your thermostat is acting funny.

The thermostat’s job is to tell the HVAC system how much heat to produce. Sometimes these issues can be caused by electrical issues, blown fuses, or loose wiring—some of which you can check yourself. But when you can’t figure out the cause, you need to call a professional.

  1. Your furnace is over 15 years old.

Did you know that the average life expectancy of a working furnace is roughly 18 years? However, after the 15 year mark, you should start shopping for new HVAC systems, especially Energy Star-rated ones, which are 15% more energy efficient (which ends up saving you money).

  1. There’s a lot of weird noises coming from your furnace.

As a general rule of thumb, your furnace shouldn’t make rattling, popping, or banging noises. This is one of the clearest signs that your furnace needs repair.

  1. It blows cold air instead of hot air.

The most common causes of cold air blowing are complex and need expertise to be evaluated and fixed. Another issue is if the air blows weakly, barely escaping the vents.

  1.   Your HVAC system is constantly cycling.

If you hear your furnace turning on and off repeatedly, this means it’s running more than it needs to be. Some causes include clogged filters, improper air circulation, and thermostat issues.

  1. Your furnace is constantly needing repair.

To maintain a healthy HVAC system, repairs will be needed at certain points; however, if you’re constantly having to schedule a technician to come out and take a look, there may be a larger issue at hand. Most furnace breakdowns occur in the last two years of its lifespan.

  1.  Your burner flame isn’t the right color.

Your burner flame should be blue. When it’s yellow, your furnace could be producing carbon monoxide. Some other signs that your furnace is expelling carbon monoxide include: streaks of soot around the furnace, extra moisture on cold surfaces (like windows), rusting on pipe connections, or the absence of an upward draft in the chimney. Leave the house, call your utility company to shut off the gas, and then call Georgia Air.

  1. You see or smell things you shouldn’t.

If you spot water pooling around your furnace, call a professional. Water leaks aren’t dangerous, but still need to be fixed. If you smell gas, turn off the furnace, turn off the gas supply valve inside the furnace, and call a professional ASAP.

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