Common Furnace Malfunctions

Even in southern Georgia, there are some winter days that can be pretty chilly. So if your heater isn’t working, you definitely want to have an easy fix.


Messages from Your Furnace

Beyond the seemingly normal issue of hot air not circulating, your furnace could start telling you signs of future malfunctions. Some common warning signs include a malfunctioning thermostat, frequent cycling, super noisy furnace, or the blower continuously running.


DIY: Furnace Edition

Before anyone starts freaking out and jumping to worse-case scenarios (i.e. that you need an entirely new heater), double check that the thermostat was set to “heat” and not “cool.” Life happens, and especially in the Savannah area, we understand that one day is 80° and the next is 45°. If the setting is “heat” and no hot air is pumping and your thermostat runs on batteries rather than electric, try replacing the batteries. You could also open your thermostat’s panel to gently blow out any dust.


These few steps could also be the culprit to the heating issue:


1.       Check your furnace switch.

Much like the thermostat mistake, sometimes we forget to check the furnace settings. Some furnaces have delays, so give the machine a few minutes to get going before panicking.


2.       Replace your furnace air filter.

Generally speaking, every three months is a good time to replace your dirty filters with a new one. An old, filthy air filter is one of the more common reasons for furnace malfunctions. It could reduce the volume of hot air blowing out or shut the furnace down completely, among other issues. Remember to turn off your furnace’s “shut off switch” (located on the machine) and set the thermostat to “off” before changing the air filter.


3.       Check your circuit breaker.

If the breaker is in the middle position, reset the controls by turning it off, then switch it back into the “on” position.


4.       Make sure all panels and valves are completely shut.

The blower motor panel has a safety feature that prevents the furnace from running if the panel door isn’t shut properly. The gas valve being open could be another cause of not-working heater. If the valve is off, so gas enters the furnace. Simply turn the valve back on.


5.       Check the “furnace switch.”

This appropriately named switch is a power switch that may be mistaken for a light switch and can be located on the unit or a wall nearby; it’s also often unlabeled. When you find this switch, throw it, give it a few minutes, and see if that fixes your problem.

When to Call a Professional like Georgia Air Specialists

Any time. We handle all sorts of furnace and heating repairs. If you don’t feel comfortable messing around with the foreign object, we can do it for you. When the issues start getting into leaky air ducts, flashing lights, or even cold air instead of hot air, call us. If you did give some of these DIY methods a try and nothing worked, then definitely call us so we can fix the problem!

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