Ugh, This A/C Is Toast

When your HVAC system is beyond repair or you find that the service bills are piling up, it may be time to replace your A/C unit. At Georgia Air Specialists, we explain all your options and guide you through the process of making the right decision for your home.  
Having to replace an air conditioning unit can be a huge expense for the homeowner so we want to make sure that replacement is indeed the best choice for you. We will take into consideration the age of your unit and also if investing in a new unit is financially smarter in the long term. Our manufacturer trained and certified comfort specialists will also analyze the following:

  1. Your lifestyle and medical needs.
  2. The size and age of your home.
  3. The existing system (does your home system use ductwork or not).
  4. Your geographic location.

Our main goal is to help you find the solution that is best for you.  In most cases, our sales representatives are able to provide a quote at the end of your in home consultation.  For your convenience, we also offer evening and Saturday appointments.

Gotta Replace? We Make It Simple For You

Replacing your air conditioner can be a complex decision; you expect to be cool and comfortable in your home. With so many different HVAC manufacturers and system options available, we want to make sure your new A/C system is one that will meet your needs today and for years to come. During your free initial consultation, we conduct a professional in home analysis and if replacement is necessary, walk you through the purchasing of a new unit for your home.
No single air conditioning model is best for all homes and every major manufacturer offers models designed for various types of homes and HVAC systems. There are various A/C systems, each having their strengths. Whether it’s your standard central air conditioners or portable wall units, we will go over all your options and advise you on what system is best for your home. We will always take into consideration your home’s cooling delivery system and will conduct a heat-gain analysis that guarantees exceptional comfort as well as optimum efficiency.

Knowing When To Bring Out The Big Guns

The correct size and features are critical for cooling efficiency, dehumidification and overall comfort. Many people think that “bigger is better” when choosing an A/C unit.  However, your air conditioner must be properly sized to your home or it will not cool properly.  This is true for air conditioners that are too big or too small. Our Georgia Air Specialists team will always conduct an in-home heat gain and distribution analysis to determine the right size A/C unit.

Free initial consultation and a professional in home analysis

Helping You Keep Down The Cost

When considering a new system, we will also review your energy use and present options for high-efficiency air conditioners. Some homeowners will save up to 30% in energy costs.  You may even be eligible for rebates through your utility company.
Our comfort specialist will also explain all the different financing options available, subject to credit approval, so you can work out a payment plan that fits your budgetary needs.

The Benefits Of A New A/C Unit

Today’s cooling systems are much more energy efficient.  A rating called SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) has been established to help you assess efficiency.  Our experts will explain all of your options to help you choose an energy efficient model that brings you years of comfort.
After installing the right A/C unit, a new cooling system can provide comfort in your home like never before, not to mention save you money every month on your utility bill.

Life is busy, your air quality shouldn't suffer.

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