Don’t Be Sweating It When Your Air Conditioner Goes Out

It’s a huge hassle for your air conditioner to go out at anytime but it’s even worse when it’s 3AM and you don’t know who to call. That’s why the certified technicians at Georgia Air Specialists are here for you with our 24/7 anytime service.  
No matter what time of the day, you can count on us. We only send out technicians who are NATE-certified and meet the highest standards in the industry. State licensed and fully insured, we never use subcontractors. Our employees are the best in the business and we continually train our technicians, guaranteeing they’re up to date with the latest products and repair solutions.

Our Straightforward No Nonsense Approach

When you get Georgia Air Specialists on the job, we don’t mess around. We’ll give you upfront flat rate pricing so that you don’t have to worry about overtime charges or “unexpected” expenses. We’ll also make sure you know all your options so you can decide what’s best for your air conditioning system.
The quality of our service even beyond a service visit is very important to us. We’ll not only fix the problem but back it up with our service guarantee. We stand behind our work 100% and guarantee our work the first time around. Our service comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty on eligible repairs. There is no selling of warranties at Georgia Air; our service already comes with a warranty on any work we perform. (seems to contradict the statement right before it; which is it? Warranty on all repairs or just “eligible ones”)

Just Getting Your A/C Working Again Is Not Enough For Us

A/C repairs are financially stressful enough. But we know that you need a service that is convenient and courteous as well. With any visit from our trained technicians, you can expect the following:

  1. Friendly and professional technicians that respect your home by using boot covers.
  2. Clear communication about your needs and options.
  3. Prompt arrival within your given time window.
  4. A courtesy phone call when the technician is heading to your home.
  5. A fully stocked service vehicle with replacement parts for most repairs.

Oh no, you need to replace your A/C? Georgia Air Specialists will help offset the cost of a new A/C if it needs to be replaced. We’ll apply up to $500 of your repair costs towards the purchase of a new air conditioner from Standard Heating.

Signs That Your A/C Is Acting Weird

We hope that you’ll never have A/C problems but since they do happen, it’s best to know what to look for that could indicate an issue with your air conditioning unit. Here are some of the common signs that may require immediate attention:

  1. Noises or shaking at start up or during operation.
  2. Accumulation of water around the A/C unit.
  3. Warm air comes out the supply registers.
  4. The fan isn’t working but there is a hum from the unit.
  5. The fan is moving but the compressor isn’t working.

Life is busy, your air quality shouldn't suffer.

Remembering to change your HVAC filter isn’t as easy as it sounds, sign up to get monthly filter replacement reminders from Georgia Air Specialists and never forget when to change your air filters again.

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